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Renovation, Repair & Retrofitting of Buildings

We have extensive experience in the alteration, renovation, repair, and retrofit of all types of buildings and structures. These projects can often be the most challenging.

Alterations, renovations, and retrofits require an understanding of historic structural systems and flexibility to determine the appropriate methods for specific circumstances in a building. Through our experience, historical institutional knowledge, and investment in technical advancements, we have developed efficiency in the utilization of specific design techniques and implementation of a range of approaches for efficiently strengthening buildings for building owners.

As corrosion is the primary driver of many repairs, we have utilized a number of corrosion protection systems, from proper repair techniques and mitigating admixtures; passive protection with anodes; to active impressed current cathodic protection systems.

Our Projects Include:

  • Multi-story hotel, condominium and office buildings containing hundreds of thousands of square feet floor area
  • Low rise concrete, masonry, steel, and wood-framed schools, apartments, shopping centers, clinics, office or administrative buildings
  • Single story warehouses, industrial and military buildings, and special purpose buildings containing tens of thousands or just a couple of thousand square feet of floor area


CALL (808) 521-4513

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