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Engineering Research & Building Standards

Over the past 30 years, we have been continuously engaged in funded applied research projects to provide a more precise risk targeted approach to building design and eventual building structural performance. These include the following fields:

Wind Engineering Research
Computational fluid dynamics and wind-tunnel testing have led us in the development of improved building codes, building retrofits, and high-wind construction standards.

Seismic Engineering Research 
Our extensive knowledge in earthquake engineering has allowed us to develop improved construction techniques and retrofit methodologies that help reduce the damage to structures during seismic activity.

Tsunami Engineering Research
We worked with national organizations, code councils, and government agencies to develop a comprehensive design standard for tsunami-resilient structures as well as design requirements for tsunami vertical evacuation refuge structures.

Multi-hazard Loss Estimation.
Applied research helps determine the distribution of vulnerability for a given set of infrastructure to the different natural hazards it may encounter, to inform and prioritize the allocation of resources.


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