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Master Planning

Master Planning is the critical first step to sustainable development and growth.

It requires a thorough understanding of an existing infrastructure inventory, including the physical conditions of the site and region, the goals and functional requirements of the project, and the hazard vulnerabilities and their probabilities.

At Martin, Chock & Carden, we have extensive institutional knowledge of much of the State’s, federal, local and private building infrastructure. We also have unique experience in assessing risks associated with natural hazards and other environmental factors.

This combined expertise allows us to create comprehensive long-term plans that complement the functional requirements and future needs for facilities and land development.

Types of Master Planning studies:

  • School condition and vulnerability assessment plans
  • Military facility renovation plans.
  • Military facility new construction plans.
  • Waterfront Infrastructure and Harbor planning.
  • Historic preservation planning.
  • Tsunami evacuation planning, including vertical evacuation refuge structures


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