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Engineering Research

Wind Design Mapping For Use In the County of Kauai Building Code

This project developed the uniform-risk wind speed mapping and design provisions for adoption as County of Kauai amendments to the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC) . Martin & Chock provided technical assistance to the County Department of Public Works, Building Division, including:

1) Development of probabilistic wind speed hazard contour mapping; incorporating topographic effects appropriate for structural design specification of Kzt (topographic factor). 2.) Wind-tunnel testing and geostatistical modeling/analysis of sample sites in various landform positions . 3) Development of code provision products incorporating Kd (directionality factor) weighting of probability of critical wind orientation. 4) Incorporation of Exposure Category wind profile adjustment procedures related to terrain roughness/land use. 5) Effective wind speed map for use with prescriptive high-wind construction standards and performance-based product specifications


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