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Disaster Resilience

Multi-Hazard Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan Update for the City & County of Honolulu

The purpose of mitigation planning is for County governments to identify actions and activities to reduce any losses from hazards, and to establish a coordinated process to implement the plan, by first identifing the hazards and risks posed by natural and technological disasters. A comprehensive plan for the mitigation of losses from natural hazards was prepared in accordance with the federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. Risk and expected loss analyses were conducted to identify the natural hazards and actions and activities to reduce any losses from those hazards.

FEMA requires that this plan be updated every 5 years. An update of the plan was first performed in 2012, with a further update being performed in 2019 in collaboration with HHF Planners and the Pacific Disaster Center. The updates include significant plan enhancements to provide the City a better gauge of risk, vulnerability, and appropriate mitigation actions for the City’s current level of capability. State-of-the-art analyses of all major natural hazards develop a comprehensive risk assessment of the island of O‘ahu and prioritized mitigation actions.


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